A Space To Pause

When we are grieving we often need a space that allows us to stop and pause, either to think about the person who has died or not to think about anything in particular even if it’s only for a short time. In the early stages of bereavement we may feel we have so much to do and think about that there just isn’t time to stop and take timeout for ourselves. However, doing so may help us to cope with our grief and tend to our own wellbeing.

Finding time and ways to stop and pause that suit you can be difficult. For some this may be going for a walk, listening to music and podcasts, writing, reading or listening to poetry and audiobooks. These may be particularly helpful to consider if you are finding it hard to sleep.

Below are two images which you can view with or without music, whichever you prefer. You may prefer to be somewhere quiet or private when viewing them.


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